At Identity Costuming we are committed to continuous improvement of practices in order to lower the impact our store has on the environment.

Here are some of the steps we have put in place to lower our footprint:

  • We have removed single use plastic bags. We encourage all our customers to use there own re-usable bags.

  • If customers forget their re-usable bag we now have Biotuff bags.They are 100% biodegradeable, compostable and they are GMO free.

  • Our cardboard fabric rolls are used until they are no longer fit for service then they are recycled. We receive them from our suppliers - we do not purchase these. When we have an excess of rolls we give them back our suppliers to re-use or donate them to customers or schools.
  • All paper (including pattern paper) is reused as scrap/note paper and then is placed in our recycle bin. 

  • All fabrics find a home: we keep all our scraps and use every bit we can. There are lots of uses for fabrics beyond clothing production. We donate fabric scraps to clients or schools so if you are interested send us an email! 

We are always looking for ways to improve ways to lower plastic, paper & fabric use without negatively impacting the quality of our products.

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