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Ruler Akaashi

Cosplayer: @majeste.cos
Photo: @jebbyphotography
Armour & Wings: @mannequincosplay


Cosplayer: @brisbane_boywonder
Photo: @alangamblephotography
Mask: @tigerstonefx
Chest Emblem: @saxtonthornstar
Belt: @steverradtke

Harley Quinn

Cosplayer: @starfire_of_brisbane
Photo:  @danmalesphotography

Yuri on Ice - Yuuri Katsuki

Cosplayer: @majeste.cos



Sora - Kingdom Hearts

Cosplayer: @luminox_cos


Dark Magician Girl 

Cosplayer: @luminox_cos
Photo: @sweet_hemlock  
luminox_cos - Dark Magican Girl Cosplay

Glynda Goodwitch

Cosplayer: @manicpixiecosplays 

Vault Dweller 

Photo: @steamkittens


Nuka Cola

Cosplayer: @manicpixiecosplays
Photo: @studiorepublic  

Nuka Cola & Vault Dweller

Cosplayer: @manicpixiecosplays
Photo: @steamkittens

Civil War Wasp

Cosplayer: @manicpixiecosplays
Photo: @whatabigcamera


Cosplayer: @boohbeh_
Photo: Digital Druid Photography    



Super Girl

Cosplayer: @lady.of.azeroth
Photo: Urban Turtle Photography  

Yuri on Ice - Victor Nikiforov

Cosplayer: @thelastwiru
Photo: Magic Missile Studios

Ancient Magus Bride

Cosplayers: @thelastwiru & @manicpixiecosplays
Photo: @weebo_swag  


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