Where is your store located?

We are located in Chermside West, in a small block of shops across from Frederick Annand Park. We are inside Ditto Dancewear.


What are your trading hours?

Identity Costuming is open Monday – Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm and Saturdays by Appointment Only. We are not open on Sundays or QLD Public Holidays.



How can I pay?

Identity Costuming accept the following secure payment methods for our website – MasterCard, Visa, PayPal & Afterpay. We have security measures in place to protect your personal information including firewalls and SSL encryption. We do not store credit card details; therefore we require payment details each time an order is placed with Identity Costuming.

Alternatively, we can provide bank account details if you would prefer to transfer the payment directly into our bank account (Direct Debit). For in-store purchases, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Eftpos and cash. Please note should you choose to pay using Direct Debit we cannot process your order until the funds have cleared in our bank account (typically this takes 2 business days).

All prices on the website are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD) including GST.


What is Afterpay?
Afterpay is a way to order your goodies without needing to pay the whole amount upfront. We ship your order out as normal and you pay it off in fortnightly instalments over 6/8 weeks. Please note: Afterpay is currently only available for Australian customers.



Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes. Our workroom is quite busy & to make sure we can give you our undivided attention and our workroom runs smoothly we need you to book ahead. You will need to book an appointment when:

  • You would like to enquire or place an order for any sort of costume or alterations
  • For any fittings or collection of costumes/garments
  • For any clothing manufacturing, pattern making or sampling inquiries



What is the difference between 4 way and 2 way stretch?

The terms actually mean the same thing. In Australia we call our stretch fabrics 2-way stretch, whereas in America they call it 4-way stretch. It all depends on the country of origin of the fabric. If you are not sure on what fabric you need give us a call.


What is the difference between Lycra and Spandex?

Lycra is a registered trademarked thread, and Spandex is the same thread but does not have the trademark.  They are essentially the same product and come in different weights.  


How do I best wash my fabric?

We recommend dance fabrics be hand washed in cold water with no or very mild detergent.


Do I need a special thread to sew stretch fabrics?

Your normal needles and thread are all you need.


How do I sew fabrics that have sequins on them to avoid breaking needles?

We recommend using a heavy denim needle. 


Is there a trick to sewing vinyl to stop it from sticking?

We recommend using baby powder on the shiny side to stop it sticking while sewing or use a nylon coated machine foot.


I have seen a fabric on an overseas website and am interested in getting it in Australia. Can you source it?

We are able to source all types of fabrics from around the world. Just contact us and we will try and get it in for you. And if we can’t source the fabric or if it has been discontinued, we may be able to have a nearly identical one made for you.


Are you able to help me design a costume with your fabrics?

Yes, we often work with teachers, students and mums to help design their unique costumes.  We also have costume patterns for sale, and can advise on how to sew them up if needed.  All you need to do is book in a time with one of our Costume Gurus to make sure a team member is available for you.

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